Top tips for your entry

1.     Apply for the right category – we have a broad range of award categories and its important you select the right category for you! Review all categories, consider your competition and what gives your entry the edge in the category.

2.     Think like a judge – To write a really great submission think about what the judges will want to hear and also ensure you have read over the entry guidelines, ticked off all the requirements and completed all sections to meet the judges’ criteria. Always think about getting their attention when your writing your submission!

3.     Give yourself enough time – Award applications always take longer than expected! Allow yourself time to review your application and check you have included all the vital information to submit a great entry.

4.     Inform your partners – If your submission is on behalf of partnership organisations make sure you speak to them and gain their input and approval for the application, complete a join submission and combine your knowledge.

5.     Provide proof – All applications are subject to checking so make sure you include the facts to back up your application.

6.     Include visuals – We have provided the opportunity to attach images to your application! Show off your product/application, let us see the final item or the work in progress stage that supports your application

7.     Complete a final check – Before you hit send get a colleague to check over the submission, look out for spelling, grammar and punctuation. Make sure you have all the correct attachments.

Good Luck!