The TCT Hall of Fame has a robust nomination process to produce a shortlist of the five most influential members of the 3D printing and additive manufacturing community, who deserve their chance to be inducted into the prestigious TCT Hall of Fame (HOF).

In 2020, the TCT Hall of Fame nominees were put forward by our TCT Expert Advisory Board (EAB). However, due to Covid, we had to postpone the TCT Awards ceremony and the announcement of the TCT Hall of Fame Inductees. We are extremely pleased we will to be able to celebrate these inductees at the 2022 TCT Awards ceremony!

 The nominees for induction to the HOF 2020 are shown below

The 2020 Inductees will be announced in the next few months so watch this space!

In addition to the 2020 Inductees, we are excited to announce that we will also hold a new round of nominations for 2022! The TCT Expert Advisory Board are busy putting forward their first round nominations and the 2022 Hall of Fame nominees will be announced in the new year.