The TCT Expert Advisory Board (EAB) has been through an extensive nomination process to produce a shortlist of the five most influential members of the 3D printing and additive manufacturing community, who deserve their chance to be inducted into the TCT Hall of Fame (HOF).

This year we have evolved the voting process to create a more robust and thorough selection of the HOF Inductee. As such rather than a public vote, the EAB has been tasked to use their unique knowledge and expertise to vote for a second time to decide who deserves to be inducted into the prestigious Hall of Fame. It is our feeling that this will ensure that the most deserving and impactful members of our community are inducted.

For full transparency we would like to share with you the full criteria the EAB will be asked to consider during their selection process:

1. Has this person been involved in AM/3DP long enough to have a lasting impact and legacy?

2. Has this person formed a cornerstone of the industry, or are they just standing on the shoulders of giants?

3. Has this person contributed new knowledge that has led to change?

4. Has this person led to innovation with impact?

We are pleased to announce that the nominees for induction to the HOF 2020 are shown below

Due to Covid, the announcement of the results and induction will formally take place at the 2022 awards.