Hall Of Fame

The 2017 TCT Awards will also include the inaugural induction of the pioneers and innovators in 3D technologies into the prestigious Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame recognises those members of the industry who have dedicated a lifetime of research, development and promotions of the technologies that have created and perpetuated dozens of new industries. Inclusion is based on strict criteria outlined by the TCT Expert Advisory Board which is comprised of leading industry experts, innovators and members of the TCT Group. The final vote will be open to the TCT Community. 

group around conference table.jpg

Stage 1

The TCT Advisory board members will each put forward five names for nominees they feel merit consideration for Hall of Fame inclusion, ranked 1-5, creating the ‘Longlist’. 


Stage 2

The 10 nominees with the highest combined scores will then become the ‘Shortlist’.


Stage 3

The 10 shortlisted nominees will then be put to public vote to find the five 2017 Hall of Fame Inductees. Hall of Fame inductees will be notified and invited to the TCT Awards to take part in the celebration of the most influential and important members of the community.