TCT Consumer Product Application Award

3D technologies play a huge role in the development and manufacture of the items we take for granted every day. Myriad products surround us at home, at the office and in shared spaces to the point that it’s only when they don’t work we notice that they are there. This award seeks to identify those products that 3D technologies have impacted — and they have to be excellent products too, of course!


 Carbon - Adidas Futurecraft 4D Midsole - Partners: Adidas



Materialise- Yuniku Custom Eyewear - Partners: HOYA Vision Care Company, Hoet Design Studio


- 3D Systems - Wiivv Wearables Insoles - Partners: Wiivv Wearables
- CRP-Group - Golf Driver Club Head - Partners: Krone Golf
- Philipp Manger - Project T.O.S.T - Partners: EAH Jena, Fraunhofer Institute, Concept Laser, Autodesk