TCT creative Application Award

The Creative Application Award — the creative industries, from art to jewellery to film and theatre, have embraced the abilities of 3D technologies to break down the boundaries between the physical and digital dimensions. Whether creating from a ‘blank page’ or digitising, manipulating and re-creating an object, the creative applications of 3D technologies embody humankinds need to invent and re-imagine. 



3D Systems - Anomalisa film - Partners: Starburns Industries



3D Print Bureau - Sainsbury's Advert - Partners: Passion Pictures Ltd, Mackinnon & Saunders Ltd, Tri-Tech 3D


- Custom Prototypes - The Starry Night
- Xrobots - Online Content Production
- LUMA-ID - Powerfist Warhammer Prop - Partners: REWIND, Hope and Glory, Protolabs, 3D Systems