TCT Healthcare Application Award

The Healthcare Application Award — capitalising on one of the core strengths of 3D technologies – the ability to create bespoke one-off parts — healthcare applications range from prosthetics, replacement body parts, surgical planning and execution through to drug delivery. As the category with the most immediate and tangible benefits to human life, we’re expecting to see some exciting projects.



Essentium Materials - Trifusion Devices - Partners: TriFusion Devices, BASF



Sutrue - Robotic Suturing - Partners: Royal Brompton Hospital, ES Technology / Concept Laser


- Prosfit - 3D printed Prosthetics
- Medisieve - Magnetic Blood Filtration
- Stratasys - Maxillofacial Surgeries - Partners: Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham
- 3D Systems - McDonald Twins Separation - Partners: Montefiore Medical Center