TCT Healthcare Application Award SHORtlist 2017

The Healthcare Application Award — capitalising on one of the core strengths of 3D technologies – the ability to create bespoke one-off parts — healthcare applications range from prosthetics, replacement body parts, surgical planning and execution through to drug delivery. As the category with the most immediate and tangible benefits to human life, we’re expecting to see some exciting projects.

Following some strong competition and an intensive review we’re delighted to announce that the following projects have been shortlisted in the Healthcare Application category for the TCT Awards 2017:

- Prosfit - 3D printed Prosthetics
- Medisieve - Magnetic Blood Filtration
- Stratasys - Maxillofacial Surgeries - Partners: Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham
- 3D Systems - McDonald Twins Separation - Partners: Montefiore Medical Center
- Sutrue - Robotic Suturing - Partners: Royal Brompton Hospital, ES Technology / Concept Laser
- Essentium Materials - Trifusion Devices - Partners: TriFusion Devices, BASF

What next?

Each of these submissions will be sent in full to a selection of the TCT Expert Advisory Board. The board comprises of experts across many disciplines, and judging will be split between those who are best placed to judge each particular category. Winners will be announced on the night of 27th September at the inaugural TCT Awards.

Please note: The applications include a host of partnerships that have taken the project from design through to manufacture, where possible all parties will be recognised in each submission. You can view the entry Terms & Conditions here.