TCT Industrial Product Application Award

While some products are ubiquitous to the point of invisibility, others are hidden from view to all but a few of us. Production line robots, factory conveyors and combine harvesters are all innovations that impact our lives, but nearly always indirectly. 3D technologies play a huge part in driving novel and unique developments to these ‘hidden’ areas that can have enormous impacts along the product chain. This award will shed the light on the best of these stories.



Materialise - Philips Lighting Production Tools - Partners: Philips Lighting



Siemens - Nuclear Power Plant Replacement Part - Partners: Krsko Nuclear Power Plant, Ljubljana's University


- 3dealise - Generative Roof Construction Node - Partners: Arup 
- CA Models - VMXm Vacuum Vessel - Partners: Diamond Light Source, Rosler
- Faro - 3d Scanned Factory Model - Partners: OAL Group
- Trinckle - Robotic Gripper Configuration - Partners: Kuhn-Stoff GmbH & Co. KG