Duncan Wood

Rapid News Group
Duncan Wood has been Chief Executive Officer of Rapid News Group since 2017. He served as Chief Operating Officer of Rapid News Communications Group since 2012 until 2017. Duncan has over 17 years experience in publishing starting with Miller Freeman (now UBM) in 1996. He joined Rapid News originally in 1997 as a Sales Manager on Rapid News Magazine, taking a lead role on the magazine and the TCT show through to 2002. Between 2002-2005 he worked with Nottingham based QMJ Publishing and as Sales Manager for then start-up Pure Insight, a provider of professional development solutions to help Innovation. In 2005 after a successful stint in this role he returned to Rapid News to take up the role of Director of Sales across the TCT portfolio. He was appointed to board in 2008, taking the role of Managing Director of the Events Division in 2010 and in early 2012 was appointed Chief Operating Officer. He holds a bachelor's degree in Business Studies from the University of Portsmouth.