2018 Host Robert Llewellyn

Robert Llewellyn

Robert Llewellyn returned as our guest speaker to host the 2018 TCT Awards after a superb reception from attendees at the inaugural TCT Awards in 2017.

Robert is perhaps best known for his portrayal of Kryten in Red Dwarf. Still the show with the highest ever ratings for BBC2, they are now on their 12th series and still going strong.

He went on to present Channel 4’s Scrapheap Challenge. The engineering-based show features two teams competing to build a working machine from spare parts salvaged from a scrapyard.

Robert’s series Carpool started out as an online podcast. The show sees Robert interviewing celebrities whilst giving them a lift in his Hybrid Toyota. Past guests include Stephen Fry, Sir Patrick Stewart, Quentin Willson and Robert’s Red Dwarf co-stars. The podcasts proved so popular that comedy channel Dave took the series on.

He also has a long string of writing credits, including Therapy and How to Avoid It, co-written with Nigel Planer. In 2008 he published Sold Out: How I survived a year of not shopping - based on his series of films on YouTube.

Prior to becoming a comedian, Llewellyn served an apprenticeship and became a professional shoemaker, working at James Taylor & Son and John Lobb Bootmaker in London.

Speaking to Richard Herring, he said he still maintains an interest in the craft; "There is still a side of me that wants to develop a kind of 3D printed shoe thing... where you just put your foot in a thing and you just get a shoe and it's there. and it fits absolutely exquisitely, immediately."

Llewellyn, who is of Anglo-Welsh ancestry, learnt to drive at age 11 (having been taught by his older brother in a go-kart); formerly a "petrol-head", he is now an electric car advocate. As well as being frequently interviewed on the subject, he has a related video blog called Fully Charged.

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