2019 HOST 

Georgie Barrat is a technology journalist, broadcaster and presenter. At the beginning of 2017 she joined The Gadget Show’s new presenting line-up and has spent the past two years testing and reporting on the latest consumer technology.

Alongside her work as part of the Gadget Show team, ITV Tonight, Good Morning Britain, ITV Weekend and is a regular on The Jeremy Vine Show and James Martin Saturday Morning. She often comments on breaking tech stories for the likes of Channel 5 News, BBC Radio 5 live, talk radio & BBC Radio 2.

Georgie is passionate about women working in technology and devotes time to encouraging more girls to be involved in STEM subjects. She works alongside Girls in ICT, the IET and UK Electronics Skills Foundation striving to make technology and the digital world as exciting, relevant and inclusive as possible.

She currently hosts two podcasts; “The Tech Disruption Series” that sees her interview various start-ups that are disrupting industries and another on sleep, a subject that she has great interest in. Not one to shy away from a challenge she has a world record for the longest time anyone has been in VR, has run the London Marathon and completed Tough Mudder.

Georgie brings a genuine interest and warmth to everything that she does. Her intelligence, humour and journalistic background means audiences are quick to like her and interviewees disarmed.